Friday, 14 January 2011

First Post......

Hello and welcome. Thanks so much for stopping by my little space of the interweb.

Pull up a chair. Its warm and comfy here.

I am a little lost if I am honest. I have never "blogged" or written before (as you can probably tell), but, I have always read blogs and things like it and felt jealous that I have never had the guts to start my own.

Well, here it is. My very own section!!

What I plan to do here is to talk about general Home cinema kit. Things I desire. Projects I am working on and films I have seen. Hopefully give you an insight into what to watch and what not to watch, also what kit is good and what to avoid.

I am no "guru". I am just a normal guy with an extreme passion for all things Home cinema.

The reason for this has mainly been having children. What does he mean I hear you ask. Well since my lovely wife and I had kids we simply couldnt go out as much and became more into entertaining ourselves (keep it clean at the back). So we took our love for Cinema and brought it home.

I am lucky that now I have a very modest set up. Best I could afford at the time. And we watch around 3-5 films a week on it.

My Kit list is as follows -

Epson TW-680 720p Projector
92" Screen
ONKYO 605 Amp
Celestion F1 5.1
Paradigm Sub

Not the best you can get but to be honest it sounds and looks lovely. Upgrades are inevitable, just dont let the projector hear me say it!!

Thats it really. Thanks again for popping by. I hope I can provide you with some interest as time goes by.


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