Saturday, 15 January 2011

Battle Los Angeles....need, want!!

Battle: Los Angeles (also known as World Invasion: Battle LA outside the U.S.) is an upcoming 2011 science fiction film directed by Jonathan Liebesman, and starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena, Ne-Yo, and Bridget Moynahan. The film's premise is inspired by the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles incident (sometimes called the "Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942") in which a presumed enemy attack, later deemed a "false alarm," led to an hour-long anti-aircraft artillery bombardment over the city of Los Angeles. The film is set in modern day Los Angeles and follows a platoon of Marines and Airmen during a global alien invasion.


This film just keeps on niggling me. Every now and then I get so excited about a film I cant stop thinking about it. I watch any and all trailers I can find, download wallpapers for it. Subscribe to RSS feed. I talk about it with the family all the time. This film Battle: Los Angeles is one of them. Its not out til March so its going to be a long couple of month sleeplessly waiting.

In my opinion its going to be one of those films you didnt see coming and then BOOM smashes box office targets. It has a great cast Michelle Rodriguez, Aaron Eckhart and Michael Pena to name a few.

So up my street that I almost live in it!!

So join me in the love for all things B:LA its going to be AWESOME!!

(obviously I am going to look very silly if it is plop!)


  1. I've heard it's an incredible film! I just haven't got around to watching it yet. Hehe.

  2. I saw it on an airplane flight and it was surprisingly good.

  3. seems like a really good one, will give it a try :o

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